Tannersville Speeding Ticket

Tannersville is a rural village in Greene County. They just put up a new website not too long ago with announcements and other village information. It also appears that a playground was recently completed, of course there doesn't seem to be a date of completion anywhere, so maybe this factoid will never date our website. Anyhow, the playground is at Rip Van Winkle Lake and includes a skatepark! If you are looking for an attorney to help you with a traffic ticket of some kind there in Tannersville, you can contact the office of attorney Randall Kehoe, who has been representing clients with New York speeding tickets and other citations since 1990 and offeres some of the most fair and affordable fees in the business. Don't send your ticket back into the Tannersville court with a guilty plea, instead let Mr. Kehoe represent you and greatly improve your chances of a favorable outcome in court so that you don't have to worry about points, high court fees, and insurance. Consultations are free of charge, simply complete the "Get Started Now" form here on the website.

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